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Here it is, our first triple-play quiz post,and it’s all about – you guessed it – hair color!

Quiz No. 1: Guess Your Natural Hair Color! | Sweety High

For our first quiz, pretend you’re at a state fair, walking down the Midway with a bag over your head, and you hear a barker offering to guess your hair color. OK, that’s probably a bad analogy, but it’s all we could think of to get you interested in Sweety High’s recent creation. See if they can do it…

Quiz No. 2: “I’d Dye for My Personality” | Emily

We know you have a personality – so what does it say about the color you should dye your hair – or even IF you should. Check out quiz mistress Emily’s fun test…

Quiz No. 3: It’s Crystal Ball Time | Judy Lee

OK, maybe you’ve already had kids, or plan to have them in another life. See what this quiz says about your future children’s hair color. Worth a try just for laughs, right?

Well, that’s all we have for this month. Check out future quizzes we always hope will help color your world, or your hair.


Maxim Hair Restoration
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