An established hair transplant center from Manhattan has opened an office on Woodbury, Long Island, in collaboration with a prominent Long Island surgeon.

The company is called MAXIM Hair Restoration, a New York City-based entity that operates multiple hair transplant centers in Manhattan, Long Island, Dallas, Chicago, Dubai and Manila.

Hair loss affects roughly 30 percent of all men and women. Male and female pattern baldness can be addressed via hair transplantation, a minor surgical procedure that takes hair from the back and sides of one’s own head and transplants it to the thinning and balding areas. It is a proven, safe and highly effective procedure that produces natural, long-term results. It is performed in an office setting under local anesthesia and takes a few hours. One can go back to work in a couple of days following the procedure.

Dr. David Mayer

The Medical Director and Surgeon at the MAXIM office in Woodbury, Long Island, is Dr. David Mayer, a Board Certified surgeon who is Director of Surgery Emeritus at one of North Shore-LIJ’s preeminent teaching hospitals, and holds the academic rank of Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery. He currently teaches at two New York area medical schools, and is widely published in the peer reviewed medical literature, and has presented his research both in the U.S. and overseas.

Dr. Mayer received his M.D. degree from Cornell Medical School, finishing first in his class. He then completed a residency in surgery at New York Hospital-Cornell. He has practiced as a general surgeon for over 30 years in the North Shore-LIJ network.

Dr. Mayer and his team at MAXiM are adept at performing both the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) as well as the No Linear Scar, No Stitch, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures for hair restoration. He is also on the cutting edge of stem cell research and therapy.

According to Mac Fadra, CEO of MAXiM Hair Restoration, “There is a strong demand for affordable hair transplant procedures on Long Island, particularly when performed by experienced surgeons and staff. At MAXiM Hair Restoration, hair transplants and related procedures are all we do and we do them well. The surgeons affiliated with MAXiM Hair Restoration are generally plastic surgeons or general surgeons who perform MEGA Sessions up to 4,000 grafts, thereby reducing the number of sessions required.”

The price for a hair transplant procedure at MAXiM is $2.95 per graft for the FUT method and $3.95 per graft for FUE. There are NO hidden costs or consultation fees or medication and pre-op/post-op fees. The center also offers Scalp Micropigmentation, a non-surgical procedure that camouflages hair loss, particularly for those who like to shave their hair close to the scalp.

MAXiM’s office is located at 80 Crossways Park Dr., Suite 200, in Woodbury, Long Island. Their main office is on 903 Park Ave. (79 St.) in Manhattan, New York City.

For further information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mayer in Woodbury, call (516) 447-7307 or visit MAXiM’s web site at: