Maxim Hair Restoration

Introducing Dr. Baker, a general surgeon by training and a native of Northeast Texas. After graduating from the University of Arkansas with the highest honors, Dr. Baker attended the University of Texas Medical School at Houston where he was awarded the prestigious Parents and Alumni Scholarship.

During medical school, Dr. Baker was selected to participate in the competitive summer research program and remained active in research throughout medical school.

Following medical school and research commitments, Dr. Baker moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he began his surgical education. It was in the Scottsdale area that Dr. Baker began to hone his artistic eye for body sculpting. Dr. Baker also garnered broad experience in regenerative medicine around this time as aesthetic improvement and restorative complementary medicine techniques often go hand in hand.

In the six years since Dr. Baker has treated thousands of cosmetic patients and a near equal quantity of functional medicine patients. He strives to remain on the cutting edge through continued education and a meticulous attention to detail for all of his patients with a willingness to think outside the box and look for options that traditional medicine might otherwise not consider.

Maxim Hair Restoration
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